This past weekend, I took part in my first hackathon, the remote, 24-hour DubsTech Protothon, with over 300 designers from all over the world. I’m proud of what my team accomplished, humbled by the fantastic work of other designers, and inspired by the challenges we faced.

“All-In is an accessible online education platform” there is a macbook showing a mockup of the product

The problem of missing voices

Imagine not knowing who’s…

A humbling journey from start to finish, there’s nothing like driving hundreds of miles through the flatlands of Kansas to really get into some self-reflection. Mostly, I felt overwhelming gratitude to have had this solo-journey through 20 national parks as a bridge between two chapters in my life. …

There’s nothing like hiking up to melting glaciers or driving through forests ravaged by recent wildfires to see the visceral impact of the climate crisis. As I traveled through 20 national parks across the country, I started using them as microcosms for research on climate change. …

Living on the road these past few months, I discovered a surprising number of connections between UX/UI design and the outdoors. In this three-part series, I share reflections on how my “roadventure” was rooted in my love for design, the outdoors, and the communities they build.

On Roadtrip Strategy

2 months, 10,521 miles…

Veronica Benduski

Hi there! I’m Veronica. A UX/UI Designer based in Seattle, I design to make a positive impact on people and the planet.

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